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Dental Record

The Dental Record, or patient's chart, is the official office document that records the treatment done in the dental office. The dental record also serves to provide continuity of care for the patient and is critical in the event of a malpractice insurance claim.

The Dental Record picture above is divided into 5 sections:
  1. Patient information such as name, ID, medical history, amount owed
  2. A list of all dental work that has been carried out
  3. A graphical representation of the dental work that has been carried out
  4. Two columns of buttons on the right, from which the user can enter the dental work
  5. A row of buttons at the bottom, from which the user can navigate to other functionality

The Dental Record can also include other information such as written notes, radiographs, study models, referral letters, consultants’ reports, clinical photographs, results of special investigations, drug prescriptions, laboratory prescriptions, patient identification information, and a comprehensive medical history. Obviously this is a large amount of information and it is essential that a practitioner maintains this in an easily accessible manner. Especially in the case, where more than one dentists treats the patient, this information needs to be available to all treating dentists.

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